Hey guys, my name is Blair. I’m not going to lie — I feel extremely awkward telling people about myself unless I’m asked a specific question, or it’s something funny. Which is pretty odd for someone who likes to write & blog. So, I’m going to just list out some basics for y’all… here we go:

I’m 28  29  30

I live near Raleigh, North Carolina

My husband’s name is Alex. We met when we were twelve years old and were friends for more than a decade before starting a relationship. We are an odd, nerdy, quiet couple who would much prefer watching Netflix all day than going anywhere close to representing a bar. Hell, we even got married in Vegas just to avoid commotion and attention.

I’ve lived in 7 different states. (MA, NJ, CT, NY, PA, UT, NC) If you’re curious… Utah was my unexpected favorite.

I have a 4-yr-old cat named Pix who we rescued from a hoarder, and a 1-yr-old kitty named Tora who was taken from an animal lab. They are filling the void until we have children. (Don’t worry, they won’t be replaced when our human kids come along)

I grew up in a small rural town in upstate New York where the cows out-populate the people.

I love school and heavily consider going back all the time. (Yes, I’m a nerd.)

I live by the simple idea that life can be a shit storm and is rarely easy. Always find humor where you can. It makes it a lot more manageable.

I’ll probably update this page when I can think of some more things to add. I’ll always answer questions if you post them below, though! Thanks for reading, guys.

Want to email me? Find me at blair@theshamefulsheep.com (I have trouble with that email lately, so email me here instead –>) theshamefulsheep@yahoo.com


    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Shitcicle. Like popsicle, but shit. Get it? Pretty dumb, but I say it ALL the time in my every day life lol.

  1. I love your “About” page. I especially like the crossed out 28 and then the 29. I’d do that but I don’t know how far down people can actually scroll. I have the feeling if I started at age 28 the page would read, “You’ve reached the end of the Internet. We ran out of room.” before they got to my current age.

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Haha, aw. You can’t be THAT old, right? I only started at 28 because that’s originally what my age was when I started the blog lol. Sadly, I’m not too far off from 30 now. Scary!

    2. HA HA HA
      That’s a great one, Elizabeth!!!
      I love it!!
      You and me, we should hang out in our rocking chairs with our knitting needles and craggy old lady jokes!

  2. I grew up in upstate New York, too! Iowa roots grow the deepest and my parents moved back after 10 years. I went to school in Salisbury Center, NY. Hey, thanks for liking my post, “Resolved: More Weight, Food, Spending; Less Organizing, Travel, Reading.”

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      I’m not sure where Salisbury Center is, but hooray anyways for another Upstater! 😀 I have family in Iowa. It’s beautiful there.

  3. Oh, my, Sheep….why haven’t I found you before this ? Love your humor, look forward to exploring more. By the way…agreed on Utah being the least favorite. My list…PA, UT, PA, MI, NY, MD, SC, PA again. )

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Thanks 😀 PA keeps drawing you back, eh? Where in PA are you? I lived near the Mansfield/Wellsboro area if you are familiar with it 🙂

  4. jeeze … you’re funny … really funny but/AND you and your husband act really stupid because you are both aware that …. STUPID IS FUNNY!!!!! RIGHT? wull …. anyway. you sang for a half hour! aren’t you lucky you got the pipes for it … you know …, you entertained yourself the whole frickin’ stupid time didn’t you??? just like me! I’m stupid … I’m a kid … basically stuck as an adolescent but … i get along REALLY REALLy good with little babies when they ride by and I can make them smile at me almost every time. so anyway, stupid is my life …. but seriously you are very funny oh .. .! sorry …! I wasn’t meaning to get redundant but, IT’S TRUE. I enjoy everything I’ve read and that’s … wull, let’s put it this way …. i get so TIRED of the infinite ways that people can express their heartache or their flaming fucking mythical relationships with their current partner. but i think it’s great … so great … that you met the love of your life a kids that age. i’m off the same ‘bent’ … . I meant mine when she was 9 and I was 10. it’s a very cool kind of relationship that childhood first love’s have … a bit apart i think. i think of it as having double vision … both parties are seeing what the other is seeing but, the other’s seeing the extra … a greater awareness is present. HOW MANY FUCKING PEOPLE GET TO SAY THAT?! oh … ! sorry again … ! I get carried away .. but it’s true isn’t it? and … there’s this feeling of almost exclusivity … between couples, i mean …. i can go on and on about that kind of love which, in a lot of ways I do since, she’s the only person I want to please so, what comes out is as good as it can be … maybe even more since there’s that extra something that can’t be explained … IN CONCLUSION… ( jeeze ,,) … your writing is special an cool. I’ve enjoyed it.. hey! read some of my stupid funny theatre of the absurd “humor” pieces. they’re funny … I outta know … I laugh at them all the time .. ! later ….. ks

  5. Just found you by clicking on the lovely sheep on Susan’s ‘I like this’ blog post….. Love you already and shall try to follow you for a bit – I’m maybe slightly more positive than you but can heartily agree that life CAN be a shitstorm sometimes. You have a gr8 sense of humour 🙂

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Thank you 😀 Thanks for giving me a try – my sense of humor is definitely dark and sarcastic at most times. It’s ironic because in real life I’m usually smiley and trying to have fun lol

  6. Thanks for following my blog, Blair (Sheep)? I have to be honest here – I’m a little afraid of sheep or any animal with those weird demon eyes. Hopefully having you follow me won’t give me nightmares. I really need my sleep!

  7. Good Golly Miss Molly

    Hey, thanks for following Good Golly Miss Molly…! Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, funny women gotta stick together or we cry…xoxo

      1. I’m trying to follow you but as usual I screwed something up. When I tried to sign up, I used my direct email rather than the email that’s associated with my WordPress account and got bounced out. Now it doesn’t even let me sign up with my WordPress email. Bummer.

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Thank you! It didn’t notify me 🙁 I self-host, so sometimes things don’t show up as they should. It usually shows me when someone links to a specific post, though. I appreciate you adding my link to your site. That’s incredibly kind and I’m flattered 🙂

  8. Hi Blair! Love your sheep drawing! thanks for liking one of my longer outpourings on blaustift! Feel free to stop by again, seems we have a similar outlook on life, albeit, an unevenly distributed number of cats. Recently I was pondering – and you could harbour the expertise to put me right on this – when a Zebra is dreaming, how do the sheep look like? Anyone else want to chip in a suggestion: feel free 😉

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Thanks! My husband actually doodled it for me 😀 I think zebra imagine their dream-sheep jumping over fences as well, but being headless. Zebra are morbid like that, you know?

  9. pj

    Thanks for the follow! I grew up outside of Phila too – Willow Grove/Horsham area way before you! My “30” would be crossed out 30+ times! 🙂

  10. G’day Blair,

    Thanks for following my wee page down under 🙂 I truly do appreciate the support & am humbled to find people to connect with all over this big, beautiful world.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know your sense of humour, you’ve intrigued me 🙂

    Tanz xxx

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Thank you 🙂 That’s my favorite thing about blogging! You can find people to connect with anyyywhere. It’s amazing.

  11. Thanks for following my blog! I’ve checked out a few of your posts and love your writing style and approach. I reciprocated the follow and look forward to reading more of your posts. 😉
    Curious… perhaps I can find in archives, but what made you select your name “Shameful Sheep”?
    K of TAF

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Thanks 😀 I chose ‘sheep’ because my sister and I were obsessed with them when we were younger. Not sure why – I think just because they were fluffy. Ha. ‘Shameful’ is just because it goes with my posts. I tend to post a lot of embarrassing/shameful stories 🙂

          1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

            It’s one of my biggest pet peeves – taking time to read people’s posts, commenting, and then being ignored. Gah! lol 🙂

  12. Just settling-down for a short Winter’s nap* & got really curious about your blog (since I’m following it, hey) and well… Oh WOW! This is really a wonderful place to un-wind in the evening. I’m not “gushy” and that kind of thing but LUV your posts. Thanks for following my little blips and blurbs and blitherings, and for bring you (here) to my attention. Brava Kiddo! Keep up the great work. Very appreciated.

    You’re from “up-state NY”? OK. I’m from “down-state”, lived in “up-state” and G’s was “some-place-state”. Many years ago, I worked with a woman who called Yonkers “up-state” (she was from Brooklyn so to her, Yonkers IS “up-state”. With-out divulging any really sensitive info, what county are you being in?**

    *Yes, it’s Winter. Yes, my sleep patterns allow for naps only. I had to make it a “short” Winter’s nap because if I’d made it a “long” Winter’s nap, I might be cited for plagiarism or something. *
    ** I’m not really functionally illiterate. It’s Winter. It’s cold. It’s late. I amused me at your expense. Sorry.

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Yonkers is no way upstate 😀 Haha. If you’re asking what county I lived in in NY it was Cortland 🙂 Very small. Very boonies-like. And… thanks for the kind words!

      1. Years go I had friends from Cortland area. M’self, I’ve lived in Orange, Dutchess, Ulster and did some time in Albany and Clinton counties. “Boonies” covers it quite nicely. Spent most of my life in NYC but in my “old age” I’ve returned to The North Country (on the Canada Border). Makes the “boonies” look more like down-town NYC! (LOL!)
        And you’re more than welcome for “kind words”. Thank you for blogging.

  13. Hi! How nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog. I think you’re extremely brave to invite your brother and his family to live with you, of only temporarily. That happened with my sister and now she’s been here for eight years. (She makes herself useful, but still.)

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Hi! Thanks for the kind words. You scared me, though. I really hope they aren’t here for 8 years lol. I wouldn’t mind if it was just him, but his whole family? Eek. I cherish my alone time 🙂

      1. I’m so sorry. I thought about that right after I hit Send. Alone time is an absolute essential for mental health. (And the physical health of those who disturb me while I’m writing! LOL)

        1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

          It’s okay 😀 I was really just joking around lol. They better be wary of their physical health for sure, though! Especially if they cause writing issues. Dang!

  14. Mike

    Thanks for the like on my Susto piece – please go see them live if you haven’t yet! Look forward to browsing your blog. Keep it up – Mike

  15. Hi Blair. 🙂 I enjoy your brand of humor. It’s not everyday one can jump from shitcicles to flying dildos to sheep boobs. Your wit is refreshing and straight on. BUT, why don’t you give us the opportunity to comment/remark on the individual posts? That would be so much more enjoyable. In any case, I’m a fan. Thanks for making me laugh.

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Thank you! I’m not sure what you mean? Comments are open for every single post. If you are on the ‘home’ page of my site where you can scroll down and there are multiple posts you can’t see comments. But if you click on the title of each post it will bring you to where you can comment at the bottom of the post 🙂 I think that’s what you mean? Or I’m totally off haha. Sorry for the trouble!

      1. LOL – I’ll have to check that. I am pretty sure I was on the home page reading your post and I didn’t see any comment section. I didn’t even think about clicking on the title. I’m kind of a noobie here, so it’s all fancy stuff. No worries. It’s all good. Thanks for being a fresh voice.

  16. Hi Blair, thanks for following my posts. I am following yours now and have just read some of our posts and you’ve made my day. Your humour, observations and expressions, universal (anyone in the world will get them) and absolutely brilliant.

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