we do weird things in this house

I woke up yesterday feeling like I was upchucked by Satan… which I can’t say I was too disappointed about. It gave me a legitimate reason to do nothing but be a lazy sack all day. Score!  But, as I laid here in a mush of blankets with tissues corkscrewed into my nose,  (I really know how to turn a person on.) I discovered two things:

  1. I never add my own personal pictures to my posts. What the hell?  It’s something I really need to work on.
  2. Too much cold medicine makes you do weird things.

So… here’s a picture of my husband trying to shove himself into a pet carrier.


Why, you ask?

Because why the hell not.


  1. Did you feed him cold medicine prior to the carrier-cramming?

    Our college provided care packages to the first-year students, which included snacks, tissues and cold medicine (this was before all that stuff was regulated). Shortly after, I picked up a bug and remembered the meds. The bottle was small; in my haze of illness I assumed it was sample-sized and chugged the whole thing. Turns out it contained several doses.

    My roommate and a couple other friends kept me contained so I wouldn’t get kicked out for being drunk/drugged in public. They said I was “entertaining” for the brief period before I passed out. They refused to give details. Pretty sure all my clothes stayed on.

    Probably was a good thing we didn’t have a pet carrier…

    Feel better!!

  2. You have inspired me to shove my wife into a pet carrier. BTW, how do you stop spouses from struggling so? I tried soothing words and coaxing – but that didn’t work.

    Could the problem be that I am using a cat carrier, rather than one more suited to a large dog?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. I rarely add my personal photo to my posts, and when I do they’re old ones or face-limiting shots. I prefer it that way and don’t think that it’s weird to blog this way. I want people to read my blog for my ideas, not my visage. This is my way of saying that I don’t think you need to work on your point 1. You’re doing great as is.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I actually don’t think I’d add many(if any) photos of my face. My family still doesn’t even know that I blog. And I totally agree, I definitely want people here for the laughs/reading/friendship. Being a model/Instagram hoochie doesn’t interest me at all.

  4. “I woke up yesterday feeling like I was upchucked by Satan… which I can’t say I was too disappointed about.”

    I LOL’d at this and startled my son! 😀

    It’s certainly better than some alternatives I can think of … such as being digested by Satan. I’ll take being upchucked over being digested any day.

  5. That’s quite an achievement… did he manage to get all the way in.?

    I am STILL suffering from being upchucked by Satan.. for two weeks I’ve had blocked sinuses, and a dripping nose, sore throat, dry, hacking cough… sometimes I could have strangled myself with all the darn coughing.. it drove me mad… last night was the first night in a fortnight that my darling man didn’t want to smother me with a pillow for snoring like a hog all night long, while coughing and spluttering regularly..! Poor guy.


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