let’s get awkward

It seems strange to be writing here. Awkward almost. Like the time I had my first kiss in a movie theater and didn’t know where to put my hands so I tried to gently caress the boy’s face and poked him in the eye with my fake nail instead. If there’s one thing that’ll ruin a romantic/touching moment it’s impalement. Just take my word for it. I feel like that awkward teenager right now. A little shy because I haven’t been around, embarrassed because I have to come back and admit that I flaked out again, and ashamed because I’ve made some genuine connections with people and I’m a terrible friend.

So, if you’re still here – HI! I know there’s only so many times I can leave and come back without people giving up on me, so I’m sure not many are left and actually reading this. That’s okay, though. To the ones that ARE reading this, you kick ass.

I hope you had a holiday season full of drinks so strong they knocked you off your ass, cookies so sweet your teeth are rotting, and presents that made you squeal and wriggle like a little kid. I hope it was great few months for everyone.

I’m planning on posting again regularly. This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, but I’m making a blood oath this time. It’s true. IT’S TRUE, I swear!

It’s going to take me a long time to get caught back up. Thanks for sticking with me, guys.


  1. Welcome back. But it wasn’t so long a time away. Not like years of abandonment. We adapt and overcome such piddling concerns. (As long as you can overlook my tendency to write massive posts that really need a stricter editor—we’re good.)

    That’s my blood oath, by the way, trying to keep my posts more light hearted and or short. It was getting pretty grim on The Dust Season.

    Be kind to yourself, Valentine!

  2. aaaakwaaaard. :-p glad you’re back. You’ve got a talent for story telling and post writing and why would I deprive myself of your writing just because you’ve been gone for five million years? Geez.

  3. Apparently just a FEW of us are still lurking desperate for your wonderful self to reappear…lol. I’m the kind of friend that’s always a friend. I hear from people once a day or week or year or decade and it’s all the same to me. When my friend is here, I’m glad. When they’re not visibly here, I know they’re out there somewhere and I’m content until they surface again. I’m pretty chill. Give yourself a break. I think the Shameful Sheep fans will hang in there when you disappear into…oh no!…real life beyond blogging. 🙂 But I’m glad you’re back. You’re fun!

  4. …well, going on your first real date at 19. Going to a movie, a comedy, and finding out there is one scene that was rather adult. …and then I unsnapped the button on suede jacket’s chest pocket to get a licorice. (I don’t think she heard it. I hope she didn’t.) I was a very shy 19.


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