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Am I the only one that gets seriously annoyed when they are corrected by random people online? I’m talking about the grammar police in all their unholy glory. Here in the “blogiverse,” (that word chaps my ass a little) it seems like everyone and their mother has an English degree and likes to shove it in the face of unsuspecting writers when they spot a mistake. What’s with that? Don’t you guys have something better to do with your time? Why leave a random comment that has nothing to do with a blog post solely to correct someone you don’t know? Am I missing something here?


Usually the amazing lessons from the self-appointed grammar police begin like:

“I think you meant to say…”
“Not to be rude, but…”
“My mom thinks I’m special and smart, it would be a shame not to share my knowledge…”
“I won my 8th grade spelling bee, so I’ve got the credentials to correct you…”
“I don’t get enough attention in real life, so I feel the need to make strangers feel belittled.”

News flash: nobody likes a know-it-all. You guys really are the bursting ass pimples of the internet.

/end rant.


Also, I get annoyed by terrible spelling too, so I’m not completely exempt in all of this. It’s the people that go out of their way to correct it is what drives me nuts. It always seems like people do it just to pat themselves on the back for being smart.


  1. I prefer corrections come from those I know and completely agree with the “tone”. I am by no mean a stellar speller or grammar queen. To make matters worse I don’t always catch the autocorrect on top of that. It can make for some interesting and funny conversation though. Even some of the comments on here are just hilarious!

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      It’s much better when it comes from someone you know. When someone you’ve never spoken to before corrects you – drives me nuts! It comes across as rude for sure. Autocorrect is hilarious at times! It’s a love/hate relationship lol

  2. ^^ Queen Grammar Nazi. While I don’t go around correcting every illiterate on the internet, poor spelling and grammar drives me insane.! People went to school, they learnt to read and write and spell. So use those skills already.!! If you’re not sure how it’s spelled, Google it.! There is nothing worse than trying to translate into English something that at first glance looks as if it is English, and then turns out to be some kind of gobbledygook that looks like it was written by the author’s cat. Obviously, auto-correct is a different matter, not everybody reads through what they’ve written before they press ‘send’. (I really wish they would.) It does make for some hilariously embarrassing translations though, 😀 I usually just correct my kids… I taught them to spell, I expect them to spell properly, especially when online. 🙂

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      I totally agree – I find it pretty lazy. Everyone learned to spell in school. It’s really not that hard! But, I wouldn’t correct people. Unless they were being jerks in the first place. The best is when people are online and they say something like “You are a idiot! Learn two spell!” – those people deserve to be shamed 😀

  3. Hello,
    I nominated you for the Unique Blogger Award.
    If you feel like doing it, check out my post for the rules.
    It’s a bit of work, so I understand if you decide you’d rather spend your time doing something else.
    You have a great day

  4. I like rants that are humorous and insightful. I also enjoy feedback and suggestions because people are reading and I hope wanting to provide their support. I hope this rant was 50% tongue in cheek. Regardless I like your strong style.

  5. I was briefly and English teacher, but I’m at the point where my eye doesn’t get all twitchy over grammar issues online anymore. I guess I’ve been desensitized 😉 But, yeah, taking your time to call it out is just ridiculous. I see a couple posters who regularly leave 300+ word comments about minor grammar errors. Get. A. Life.

  6. Someone once commented on one of my blog posts it was “rife with spelling errors”. I got so upset I scrolled through all my posts to find a few typo’s here and there. Turned out he meant my British-English spelling as opposed to American English. That’s when I stopped caring. Hate it when people give you unwanted advice or criticism. I am perfectly able to burn myself down, thank you.

  7. I don’t get enough readers for them to correct my grammar or spelling. Since I don’t, I don’t mind. Especially since I am bad at both so I could use correcting, I am sure. But I do get annoyed when people correct people and then I look it up to see if they are right and they are not or the way the person they are corrected wrote it is acceptable. 🙂

  8. I see a lot of typos, particularly from co-workers who don’t which version of “there” to use. I don’t generally correct them unless it’s going to be forwarded to someone higher up the food chain.

    How about this one, “If yur experiencing bladder problems . . . urine trouble.”


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