well, this is awkward

Anyone else have an unhealthy relationship with Target? I’m a bit obsessed. I could spend hours walking up and down the aisles, sipping my overpriced Starbucks, and staring at all the bathroom decorations and trying to decide if it’s a good time to redecorate or not. The other day, Alex called me to make sure I was still alive and wondering if he should send a search party because I had been MIA for too long. It’s hard not to get consumed in there. I love it. I really do… but the employees hate me.


Target Cashier: Hi, how are you today? Did you find everything alright?

Me: I’m good, thanks. I found everything I needed. I’m just trying to convince myself to not get a Snickers. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort. I definitely don’t need one. You know what I’m saying?

Target Cashier: *awkward smile* Do you want to sign up for our RedCard today?

Me: No, thanks….. You know, I’m going for the it. Why not? I worked out today. Ate a salad for lunch. Plus… I’m already married. I would be going against nature if I didn’t gain weight and let myself go. So, I’m doing it. The decision is made. I’m about to kill this almond one. It’s only $1 anyways, right? That’s nothing. It’s totally worth it. Ring her up, kind lady.

Target Cashier: Okay. Do you want to donate $1 to end local child hunger?

Me: ….

Target Cashier: ….

Me: Why’d you have to make this awkward, Julie?


  1. So I have to tell you – me too! Now, I ‘m little bitter though, because they keep raising their prices. Who do they think they are Mervyn’s? JC Penney. And that whole asking us to donate at the register is bullshit. Seriously, they put you in an awkward spot – I’m on a very tight budget and actually got some food from local food bank, and we had some gift cards to Target to help us (my mother-in-law works there) so when I declined…the cashier gave me a hard time – NO, YOU said NO? you don’t want to donate? It’s just a dollar.

    I told my husband and he said it’s total BS, the big chain stores should be donating themselves to the cause, not asking their customers to do that for them, in addition to buying their merchandise…just so they can get the tax write off.

    I stopped going to Target, because I was asked every single time I went in there…. “I already gave…” is my standard response…and then, you’d get hit up OUTSIDE THE DOOR by Girls scouts or some random thing. They finally got rid of people soliciting outside.

    It’s getting to the point, I’ll wait for a list of things needed… go online and order a certain amount (to get free shipping from Walmart) and just have products UPs. NO LIE. I did that a week ago, and it was awesome!

  2. I do not relate to Target, we ran them out of the country, but certainly do get irritated by all the pressure to give to whichever flavour of the month is in need of funds. I deal with that by shopping as rarely as possible and making direct eh contact with the Cleark at the grocery store when I say, Not this time.

  3. Lol! So true. I am usually frugal, getting one, maybe two of the awesome tops in different colors. Then I get home and realize what. Aperfect fit they are and curse myself for NOT getting one in every color. I mean I could three for the cost of one at Macy’s right? I finally don’t even recognize Mr Snicker anymore. But can’t say no to dark chocolate almons sea salt….happy shopping.

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      I love Macy’s, but you’re right. Target has some really good prices. I just did that with t-shirts there. They have a million colors! So of course I had to get 5 of them. It’s hard to say no 😀 Mmm dark chocolate almond with sea salt… sounds yummy.


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