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Random-As-Shit Thursday Thoughts

1. I read an article two years ago that a study found men’s beards to be stocked full of poop. Not literal chunks or anything, just the poop particles that float around because people are God-awful at washing their hands. (Don’t be like that, assholes. Wash your damn hands! Do you really want to bear the responsibility of a stranger accidentally putting your poop in their mouths?) Anyways, I’ve been using this as a reason to convince my husband not to grow his beard too long. “The longer it gets, the poopier it smells!” or “If I get pink eye from hugging you, hell is going to rain down!” Well, he discovered that it was somewhat of a myth, sadly. Beards aren’t more likely to have poop in them than any other thing in the world thanks to nasty ass people. Guess I’ll have to start getting used to the fact he might look like the next hillbilly that rolls out of Duck Dynasty.

2. Is anyone going crazy with summer right around the corner, counting down the days until they can go on vacation? It feels like this every year for me the second Spring is in full swing. It’s all I can think about doing. Man, we have a few trips planned for the beach in the next couple months, and I’m literally crossing off days on the calendar one-by-one until we get there. It’s like my body is craving it. Granted, our first week-long trip is sharing a beach house with my entire family, and the second one is sharing a house with Alex’s entire family. I’m not sure these are the ideal ‘relaxation’ vacations, but I figure it will at least be fun. Or we might return home crazier than we left. Who knows. It will be a fun experiment. Do you have any vacation plans you are looking forward to?

3. The other day I saw an article about women now choosing to “free bleed.” You know, not using any tampons/pads and just letting it flow wherever it goes. It cited a woman running a marathon in white shorts covered in blood, and an Instagram post of a woman bleeding while doing yoga. I was… disturbed. I understand it’s a normal body function and all, but no. JUST NO. STOP IT. I know it’s 2017, but some shit doesn’t need to be shared, you lunatics!


  1. Poopy beard made me giggle. Beards look good on some people, can be a bit scratchy though.

    About the ‘free-bleeding’ thing. If people want to do that, that’s their business, but as someone who had (until I went on the progesterone-only pill) incredibly heavy periods that soaked through everything even with extra large, night time pads changed once an hour, it’s a bit impractical. I suspect ‘free-bleeders’ have extremely light periods. I doubt it’s a trend that’ll take off.

    Also, for making me laugh this evening, I’m nominating you for a Mystery Blogger Award. If you decide to accept, the rules, etc. are on my blog:

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      My husband actually looks way better with a beard than without, but it does get scratchy. It stabs you if you’re not careful. Eek! I’m going to fill out your nomination, thanks! I don’t follow the rules, though. Regular rebel over here 😀

  2. What. Free bleed. NO WAY. Imagine her coming over for a coffee and sitting on your sofa, or staying over, or sitting in your car. For frig sake and imagine if she had a nice big clot and the smell. OMG the smell.

      1. You couldn’t, it would be way too expensive with all that new furniture you would have to buy. Imagine if she sat on a plastic covered sofa… Sorry I will stop there but my mind can’t.

  3. Liz

    Some of us in an effort at inclusion, have completely lost their minds. Hygiene applies to all humans and house pets. Feminism gains nothing when supporters appear injured. Just saying.


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