take my money, damn it! (Amazon giveaway)

Why does it seem like the majority of bloggers are much cooler than the people I meet in person? I’ve said this a few times here, but I’m reiterating because it seems strangely true. I’d rather fall ass-first into a dildo factory or have someone crap in my hand at a Broadway show and be forced to give a standing ovation than meet random schmucks in person. So, because I love you guys, and because the weather has been hot and sunny and putting this negative Nancy in a good mood, I wanted to do a small Amazon gift card giveaway this week.  I mean, who doesn’t want a free $20 to Amazon? They have just about everything. (And I can just email it out, so you don’t have to worry about me showing up at your doorstep with a meat pie made of roadkill I scraped off my driveway.)

I’m just doing this for fun, so the only thing you need to do in order for a chance to win is answer the question below in the comment section. You can enter up until Tuesday night 04/18 at 11:59pm EST. I’ll post the winner on Wednesday morning. If you have Amazon in whatever country you live in – you are eligible to win.

(Benny D. Sheep and the cat’s butt are not included in the giveaway. If you follow me on Twitter, Benny is the smaller version of the huge sheep I found in Kroger the other day. Isn’t he cute?)

Maybe one day I’ll actually make some sort of money of this blog, and I can start doing big giveaways. That would be fun.

Here’s the random question you need to answer in order to enter: If you could eat anything you wanted right now, what would it be?


  1. I would eat okonomiyaki. It is a Japanese dish often likened to a savoury pancake, or cabbage pancake. There is this restaurant in Osaka, in the Namba station building near the exit to Den Den Town. That is what I would like to eat and that is where I would like to eat it.

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      I’ve never heard of that! But man, you made me want to try it. Japan is very high on my list of countries I feel like I MUST go to before I die.

      1. I highly recommend it. Just don’t go there armed with too much “internet” knowledge. It could spoil it.
        Also, try to think about things you love to see how they are interpreted there. The results vary, but sometimes they are amazing.

    2. Oh, Yes ….. okonomiyaki is so good …. without the ginger ….. I would eat it at Hirose brothers in Moriguchi … it’s not that far from Namba …. I iksperimented with making some a few weeks ago …. it was good , but, not the same.

  2. Give your money. Damn it.

    Right now, right anytime.. I wanna eat fish fry, plenty of small cruchy crispy fish fried by Ma. I swear no one can eat just one plate. You have to sit next to her on the kitchen platform when she is frying and finish off the fish right after it is out of pot. Ideal time would be when your siblings are away/sleeping/not-in-house so you don’t have to share it!

  3. Funny you should ask, Blair. It’s 2:30 a.m., and I was just thinking about a restaurant nearby that serves a delicious and fun dessert. The server brings to the table a mini burner with marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate bars, ready for you to toast the marshmallows and create decadent s’mores. I feel like running over there now, jammies and all.

  4. I saw that EXACT stuffed sheep in Aldi the other day (and almost got it because the kid in me wanted it).

    But anywho, any food? So hard to choose — I really love food — but I think I would have to say I would love to try a steak from that guy’s restaurant in Dubai (the salt sprinkle guy). All his meats look freakin’ amazing, cooked to perfection.

  5. When I was a little girl my mom would take us to Shoney’s after our dental appointments. It seems an odd thing to do after a trip to the dentist but it was close by and they had hot fudge cake! I know my little girl taste buds weren’t fully developed but to this day I’ve never tasted anything else like it. It was scrumptious. The cake, the hot fudge and the vanilla ice cream were proportionately perfect. If I knew of a Shoney’s in existence nearby and they had hot fudge cake – that’s what I would eat right now.

  6. This is difficult because I just started a diet and my knee jerk response is, “actual, real food would be nice.” But, because we have to just say one thing, I’ll say pizza. Classic pepperoni with oodles of cheese. Now I have to go, before I lick my computer. 😉

  7. Doritos. But not just any Doritos. It would have to be the nacho cheese kind. Why? Because you only eat nacho cheese Doritos if you are alone because your breath smells terrible for hours afterwards. Also, I’m not allowed to eat Doritos because of their high sodium content, which makes them even that much more of a hankering for me. I love Doritos. I haven’t had a bag of them in over four years — I’ve really been that good. – Marty

  8. Saltfish with frybake or mango ice cream. There’s a reason I gained 15 lbs in Trinidad (and can still imagine the food over 20 years later. I want to go back but I need to lose 15 lbs first…).

  9. Ice cream or pudding (chocolate-duh!) or any sweet dairy product as I’m off dairy this week because I think I have our family curse of lactose intolerance and am doing a little experiment. Yes, you are right, I should have just bought a bottle of Lactaid and called it a day. 😛 #IDidntThinkThisThrough 😀

  10. There is this meal…it only happens in Natchez, Mississippi (or a similar place in Jackson) at Jughead’s. Catfish and hush puppies, with side dishes of red beans and rice, fried okra, a pot of turnip greens, and DEEP FRIED, thin-sliced DILL PICKLES!!!

    Oh and fresh hot cornbread, loaded with butter and HONEY.

    I think something is chemically wrong in my body. I eat plenty of salt but I DREAM about this meal all the time.

    Luckily, later this year we get to take a trip Down South!! SO guess where my first meal will be?

    Jugheads…but then we have to go to Fat Mama’s for pralines for dessert.

    And then for dinner, Biscuits and Blues for anything that comes with a side of their biscuits with PEACH BUTTER!

    Shoot, did you say it had to be ONE THING?? OK, the Fried DIll Pickles it is!!! (Did I say, they come with a dipping sauce, in case that’s not enough salt for you??)

  11. PS Full Disclosure…The ACTUAL name of the restaurant is Cock of the Walk, but I just couldn’t bring myself to own that I eat at a place with that name…blush.

    And even worse, my favorite restaurant in Natchez is actually called Mammy’s Cupboard. And you eat inside a room formed by the skirt of a gigantic African American, “Aunt Jemimah”-looking woman. In recent years they lightened her skin color! What the hell??



  12. Scallops. Not frozen and shipped half way across the states to be served as”fresh” & consequently overpriced. Rather the mouth watering, fall apart in your mouth succulent, legitimately fresh scallops. Maybe some grilled asparagus, buttered corn on the cob, and a warm roll with those bad boys too. Yep that’ll do!

  13. Thank you Blair!
    This turns into 2 questions ….. first …. what would I do with your dam money ? ….
    Well, I do want to build a pond so I can turn it into a swamp ….
    I want to try growing chuffa in a swamp …. I guess my swamp pond needs a dam … do they sell dams on Amazon?

    Next question …. What would I eat right now … it makes my head spin …. There are so many choices …. Stroganoff … or red jello with walnut and cream cheese balls … funeral potatoes …. Deep fried lamb chops ….
    That white gravy from the Satisfied Ewe Café.
    a nice juicy nashi from Japan ….
    Gyoza from Japan …it’s like the stuff they call jou tsu in Taiwan … or in San Francisco’s China Town they called them pot stickers … in Japan it is fried rather than boiled …. It is really good either way.
    An Atlas Copco steak … from Anyinam Lodge in Obuasi Ghana … it was a steak cooked with a slice of fresh pineapple on top ….. so good.

    I could go on forever with all these good memories.
    I guess that my final choice is something really good that I have never had before ….
    I would enjoy eating it …. And …. I would have one more wonderful memory.

  14. What a colorful description of things you would rather do than meet random schmucks! Love it! I don’t know if it’s because I had a nice holiday meal yesterday (cooked by my daughter), but right now I would love a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green peas, and sweet potatoes. Followed up with a slice of Lemon Meringue Pie. YUM! My second favorite food is M&Ms, if we can call that food.

  15. Hi Blair, thanks for the likes you have given my posts. The obvious answer if I could eat anything right now would be one of my mother’s chocolate chip cookies served with Lapsang Souchong Tea. She passed on a few years ago. Her coming back to make cookies would give me the chance to let her know how things all worked out. This got me thinking what food was unique to my father who also passed on. He enjoyed eating but not too exotic. He did not putter in the kitchen. My favorite story is when he was complaining about the physical therapy regime after a stroke. I threatened to tell the doctors that his favorite hobby was gourmet cooking and that they should encourage my father to prepare his favorite meals. He followed the basic regime better after that.

  16. Well, I am not really hungry which is presenting an issue with the hubs because it is dinner time. But he ate something so I ate something and now I am not hungry. And . . . yesterday was Easter so there was a lot of eating going on. Not food I typically eat (cheese pie) so I am feeling rather satiated. But I would say ice cream. Because I love ice cream and I so rarely eat it.

    What about you? What would YOU eat?


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