i plead the fifth

Do you remember your parents emphasizing when you were young how necessary it was to always be honest? While, at the same time, lied day-after-day about the most important thing in your life back then? Yes, I’m talking about Santa Claus. How dare they, am I right? I remember when my classmate in first grade told me Santa was fake. My mom kept denying it, so when she asked me to get a glass of milk to leave out for Santa that night, I dumped a huge spoonful of the salt into it. That’ll show ’em to keep my happy childhood memories alive. To this day, I wonder if one of my parents actually tried it. Take that, mom & dad! Filthy liars. (Yes, I was a bitter child. Don’t judge)

I’ve been feeling guilty lately that I haven’t told anyone in my family (besides my husband) that I write a blog. I worry that it will have some sort of effect on what I write. I don’t want to be second-guessing or holding back on things I normally wouldn’t think twice about saying. Is my mom going to care that I swear on a public forum? Is my sister-in-law going to be disgusted if I post a poem dedicated to how much I love  my husband’s ass? What about my dad? SEE, THESE ARE EXACTLY THE THOUGHTS I’M TRYING TO AVOID. AHH!


How have you handled sharing your blog (or not sharing it) with your family? Does it ever keep you from saying things you want? Does it cause you to have a bigger filter? Have you ever been ‘in trouble’ for what you’ve said? Isn’t Santa awesome?


    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      Oh, I love Santa and the fantasy of it all. It’s the best part of childhood haha. I can’t wait to tell my kids the same lie.

  1. As far as Santa goes I still tell my 5 year old he exists…I don’t drink the milk or eat the cookies LOL just something fun to do. I think this year (she will be 6) I will end it all. My mom never allowed the belief in Santa Claus in our house.

    The blog sharing is something I wished I had thought about when I initially started it. I’ve told 4 people…one being my boyfriend who is very supportive. Which I am happy about. However, when I need to be honest and vent I sensor what I write because I know he will read it. And that could start an argument or conversation I don’t want to have! For the most part I say what I feel to him personally he is a very personal person…blah!

    1. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) Author

      I hear ya. My husband is the only one that knows, but I never really talk about him on here. Unless he says or does something funny lol. He’s pretty private otherwise! I love the Santa thing. 6 isn’t that old. Gotta keep the dream alive sometimes haha

      1. I’ve decided not to vent on my blog about personal issues to be safe. LOL

        A family member is dying to tell her about “Santa”…figured I’d let her know first lol…I’d like to keep it going . Perhaps we’ll keep it alive for another year or two…maybe 3. LOL

  2. Anonymous

    I have told almost everyone I know about my blog and I don’t feel the need to censor it because umm it’s mine. Since I’m an introvert the posts are the inside scoop.
    Your posts are funny and I don’t think your family will care as much as they’ll act like they do.
    I did get “in trouble” with my younger siblings for a post I wrote about them which I didn’t understand because I didn’t say anything terrible! In the end they got over it.

    Write it out!


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